More about Loma Linda

For now, all my news is about our adventure with treating Jim’s Prostate cancer with Proton beam therapy at Loma Linda University Medical Center.  I wrote the following in an email and am copying it here.

Well, Jim had 4 proton beam treatments for his prostate cancer last week and all is well.  He has not felt pain, discomfort, fatigue or any other side effects, except for intestinal gas.  The doctor warned him to avoid spicy food, greasy food and raw vegetables.  So he’ll have to make some adjustments.  He has already given up coffee and diet coke (about 8 weeks now)!! He drinks Earl Grey tea and lots of water, during the day and so far he has been able to tolerate his favorite cocktail at night.

Our little 1 bedroom apartment is really working out well.  We have walked to Loma Linda University Medical Center, 5 blocks away, several days.  We have also made use of our free membership at the University’s fitness center with outdoor pool and jacuzzi.  Our landlady is very nice and helpful.  She even called us Friday afternoon to make sure we made it back home for the weekend alright.  Marijke is from Maastrict, Netherlands, where we were last May.  Her husband is US and they met when he was stationed in Netherlands, in the 60’s.  Their son, who is 45, lives next door and is on call when we have questions, etc.  Father and son are Tom Sawyer (cool?).

Jim will have his treatments at 8:40 am every morning, Monday thru Friday.  That gives us our days free.  (We understand that rarely do you get an assigned time, especially this early in your treatment program).  Tomorrow it is supposed to 105 degrees here, so we are headed to Big Bear, in the local mountains (25 miles away) where it will be 71, because it is near 7000 foot elevation.

We are learning more about this proton beam therapy.  It is amazing!  Loma Linda is the pioneer and have been perfecting for 25 years.  A refresher on high school science, about atoms, electrons and protons. We will tour the facility on October 9, looking forward to that.  Our friends, Dan/Kelley and Craig/Peggy highly recommend it.  The Center also believes in treating the whole person and everyone is very loving, lots of TLC.  We attended 3 group events this last week.  It is good to meet the other patients and some alumni.  Everyone has a story, but we are all connected!  Our family and friends near and far continue to be great support.  Thanks to everyone for your heartfelt words.  Love, Cheryl and Jim


3 responses to “More about Loma Linda

  1. We are glad things are going well with the two of you. Hang in there and be well.

    Shirley and Neil


  2. Thank you and our best to you two, stay well!

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