60 % there

Well, Jim has had 12 of 20 Proton beam treatments, so 60% completed, and doing well.  We are getting to know the area of Loma Linda and Redlands.  Loma Linda is one of 4 Blue Zones in the world, very healthy living and more 100 year olds than the norm.  We definitely see more pedestrians and very fit older folks.

Redlands has a lot of history, and beautiful old homes.  The public library was donated in 1898 by a millionaire and is a very unique structure.  Behind it is an Abraham Lincoln Memorial, also donated by a philanthropist.   We had a tour today and it is very extensive.  Also posting a picture of the Morey Mansion, an 1890 Victorian house.  A lot of history in this house.  All is good for now.


3 responses to “60 % there

  1. So glad to hear that things are progressing well Jim hope to see you and Cheryl in the near future. Dianne and I have retired from RVing so the possibility is more likely to happen now. May the future be nothing but positive for you cheers

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