Downhill slope

Still doing well with the Proton Beam treatments, at 80% complete; should have last one on Monday October 17.  All downhill from here!  So glad that he has had minimal problems.  A few extra naps, but not really fatigued.

Our little apartment is still fitting our needs and we are getting to know the area even more.  Yesterday, we attended the exit class.  It’s good to know that LLUMC Proton program will monitor Jim’s status for at least 6 years.  Since he is in the hypo fractuanated protocol  research treatment, they are still collecting data on the results, long term.  That big phrase just means he got his protons in a shorter period of time, more per day.

We toured behind the scenes of the treatment center on Sunday.  Amazing history and so much science involved in separating the protons from hydrogen atoms and accelerate them to 4 times the circumference of the equator per second.  Then they are transported to the treatment rooms to beam to the patient’s specific target.


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