No more Balloons!

Jim has completed his Proton Beam therapy and doctor is sure (95%+) that the cancer is gone.  Followup will continue every 3 months for 2 years and then every 6 months for 4 more years.  We are so relieved and glad that he had minimal side effects.  We said goodbye to our little apartment and our lovely landlords, yesterday.  It was a very comfortable place to be while going through the treatments.


We still have his skipped heart beats to deal with and more tests and appointments.  The cardiac specialist has said that it is not an urgent problem and his heart is healthy.  So, no rush and we may get a second opinion to be sure.

Meanwhile, Jim has booked a cruise!!  We leave on November 26, out of Los Angeles on the Ruby Princess.  It is a 7 day cruise and we booked a balcony at a very good price.  Since Jim’s birthday is the 30th, we will also celebrate that!  Come join us!!

We wish good health to everyone and thank you for your support.


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