Enjoying November

Today is a cooler day, more like fall, but we have been having summer like weather most of November.  We only had a a few drops of rain, so still very dry; wish our snowbird Canadian friends could have piped some of their water down here!!

Jim is now 4 weeks 3 days post Proton Treatment and doing very  well.  He added spicy food to his diet this week and has not suffered any consequences.   Do to the treatment, eating a little less at each meal, Metamucil and/or no diet coke, not sure which or all, he has lost some weight.  We are both happy about that.

He’s gotten back into the groove and planning travel.  We have the Ruby Princess cruise starting November 26 (7 days in Mexican Riviera) and an LA to Hawaiian Islands on Star Princess in January for 15 days.  Also we have reserved a condo in Sedona, AZ for a week, December 16-23.  Back to normal, almost.  In between we both have some medical tests and procedures.  Holding off on travel after January to see the results from those.

We are having a very quiet Thanksgiving; only about 5 of us getting together to share the meal.  Looks like Jim will be the only male.  Hope every one has a good time with family and friends.  Jim is talking about decorating for Christmas, including a small tree, for the first time in years.  I’m glad to see him get into the spirit.

Peace and love to all.


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