Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays

Feeling for all of you who are experiencing the cold and snow, ice, etc.  We have colder weather, for us and maybe rain this weekend, but as you know, not so severe.  We are headed to Sedona, AZ for a week, 12/16-23, so will experience some cold and maybe snow!

Attaching my Christmas Letter and Fun Video.  Enjoy the Season, we hope!


We enjoyed a fun party last Saturday night at friends’ house in Huntington Harbor; about 50 of us.  The occasion was to enjoy the Boat Parade and a fundraiser for our Pickleball group.  It was great, and all had a good time.


Jim is still doing well, so we feel so lucky.  Hope that everyone is feeling healthy and happy.,%2012%20Dec%202016%2018:21:42%20-0800&utm_campaign=tx_jj_email_ecards_default_recipient_notification_2


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