Home in SO CA

After Sedona, we have been home.  We hosted a group of 17 friends for Christmas; it was a potluck and really went well.  There has been more rain; only another 2 inches, but this weekend we are supposed to really get it.  In the last 24 hours, we have already had an inch.  And this is the La Nina year!!

We’ve been busy with catching up on medical tests, etc.  Jim had his post procedure 3 month PSA test and it was better than expected.  The medical staff at Loma Linda had predicted that it would be half of his previous score, but it was down to less than 1/4 at 2.36.  Wow, we are so happy!!  I, Cheryl had the dreaded colonoscopy this week, and the endoscopy of esophagus at same time.  What a rough 2 days!  There are some minor issues to deal with, but all should be good.

Today, we decided to go for it and booked a big cruise.  Jim had wanted to do the Regal Princess, Transatlantic again.  But I don’t have as fond of memories as he, since I was quite sick.  In addition, we wouldn’t have our good friends with us.  He did some more research and found a Seabourn cruise that includes Japan (I’ve never been) and for a decent price.  We had decided that we want to splurge to celebrate Jim’s successful fight against cancer.  So we discussed and looked at it further and went for it.  It starts May 11 and goes to Alaska, ending in Seattle, WA.

Monday, we leave on our 15 day Star Princess Cruise RT from LA to Hawaii with port days on four islands.  We have been to the islands many times, but always love going there.  Plus on Maui, we will see our good friends, Dan and Kelley.  We have a lot to do, before then.  Hope that everyone is staying warm and healthy.



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