Flowers in Southern CA

We had hoped that the flowers would be prolific this year due to Winder rains, and they are.  Especially the CA poppies on the hills around us, south of Corona, CA.  The hills are the greenest we have ever seen with the beautiful golden orange colors very visible.  The purple lupines came a little later and there are many yellow, white and blue flowers.  One particularly pretty, blue/purple flowering plant has a funny name:  blue dick.  I think it is because the scientific  name starts with dich…, so I guess that got simplified.  We have been going to see the local flowers at least 3 days per week.  The word has spread by mouth (we talked about it a lot), Facebook (I posted) and the local and national news.  So, now the local hills are crowded with flower lovers.  Just wish they all treasured them like we do.  We have seen people sitting in the fields (smashing blossoms) and picking them.  Most are on State owned land, so that is illegal.  There are plenty of signs.  Also saw a mother letting her daughter pick a big handful.  Teaching them the wrong lesson.  Anyway, we love them!!


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