Sedona, AZ

After so much trouble with the weather in New Mexico and Eastern Arizona on 12/31, we spent New Year’s Eve in Winslow, AZ at the Quality Inn.  We had a nice suite and watched CNN for the NYC ball drop at 10:00 p.m. for us.

All that snow made our drive through Oak Creek Canyon (Hwy 89a between Flagstaff and Sedona) exceptionally beautiful.  It was a heavy, wet snow which clung to every tree branch, trunk, rocks and more.  When we drove through at

midday, yesterday, some of the snow was beginning to melt, so the snow glistened and the road was totally clear.  It is warming up today, so all of this beauty will be gone soon.  We experienced a heavy snowfall in this canyon while on a band trip in early 1980’s; one bus slipped off the road.  It’s not as enjoyable when the road is treacherous.

We are at a very nice timeshare condo, Sedona Summit, for one week.  The weather is supposed to be in the 40’s most days and only light rain predicted, one day.  We plan to take some scenic drives and enjoy the condo and facilities.


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