Finally Sunshine and Jina is here

We know that many other people and places have had worse weather conditions; but we have really been soaked during the last 6 days.  From Sunday 1/17 through this morning, Sat. 1/23 we have had 13 inches according to our rain gauge.  (This is the amount we are supposed to have in one normal year.)  We are up next to the hills, so tend to get more than areas nearby.  Also had a lot of wind on several days.  The trees and rain were slanted sideways.  A few small trees went down, but no major damage and we only lost power briefly; so we were lucky.  Today, however, the sun is shining and we can see snow on the mountains; reminds me of 1976 when I first moved here.  I was so awed by warm weather and blue skies with snow capped mountains; we don’t see that very much here due to smog, etc. 

Jina arrived yesterday afternoon.  She had to battle fog and icy roads on her predawn drive to Lincoln, NE airport and had 3 flights to get here.  But all went well and she arrived a few minutes early at Orange Co airport.  She can only stay until Monday am.  Steve is taking care of the kids and taking Monday off, but she has to get back to responsibilities.  We just decided that she could use a break from family and weather, so glad she could come.  (We can’t believe she turned 40 last November; that sure makes us feel older!).

All is well with our renovations, should be completed early next week (I keep saying that).  I’ve added pictures to the photo album, showing progress.  Our best to all and hope your weather is fine wherever you are.


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